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After spending the last couple of months speaking with people from different backgrounds, I will soon be looking at the difficult issue of racial integration in Cardiff. Despite Cardiff being a racially diverse city, there are still clusters of Asian community refusing or unable to integrate into the overall picture.

There are some questions to be asked: How did the first generation of immigrants blend into their environment? How are their children affected? What issues of racism were/are there?

When Amir Khan wins title it’s British pride, when any british Muslim involved with any incident then it’s become foreign muslim. Typical 14 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone · powered by @socialditto

Many misinterpret immigration and link it with racism. There are many Asian immigrants who have come to call Cardiff home, and there are some who refuse to open up. This cultural clash is going to be explored in greater detail, with real people telling real stories.

Stay tuned.


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Understanding why culturally

It is perhaps telling that with EU in the midst of a financial crisis, they would turn to China. In a report in the Independent on 29 October 2011, Eurozone leaders have now to wait on China to invest. It might seem ironic it was not very long ago China was deemed a backward country, not fulfilling its potential, and the Yen possibly being run into the ground with it tagged to the ailing US Dollar some 15 years ago.


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